Charley doesn't know how to dribble a ball.


On November 15th the seven-five-three festival when parents with boys of five, girls of seven and either boys or girls of three dress, celebrate children's maturation, dress them in gay clothes and take to shrines where they pray for their children's future.

I'll see to all the arrangements.

Susan is working on something secret.

Where are your parents now?

Hatred is the winter of the heart.

Christian bought a pair of cheap shoes, but they didn't last very long.

What's your complaint this time?

All I want is my freedom.

Lloyd showed Jane the poem he had written.


She has lost both her parents.

You must be in love.

What was the hotel called? I can't remember.

I hate seeing you like this.

They're staring at each other.

I'm watching the football game.

These buildings need temporary repairs.

They tried to hide what was really going on.

We only have three bicycles.

I really don't feel like seeing Matthieu.

When I saw it, it took my breath away.

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I usually go to school by bicycle.

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They did what had to be done.

Clarence got in trouble, didn't he?

Here's a treat for you.

Somebody who wavers between hope and fear over superficial things should not be appointed to a management position.

Marla thinks Edgar always packs way too much in her suitcase.

Matthieu knows how old Jesus is.

He became sick. That's why he gave up going abroad.

Who said that to you?

Do you think Svante has a drug problem?


I told her what I know.


Where's your head at?

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I have been down with a headache.

Do we have an agreement?

I wish Rodney were here, too.

I don't really trust Nanda.

Hotta just can't stop looking at Arnold.

Can I do it again?

What a beautiful baby!

I want to have more confidence.

You will have to apologize when you see him.

I have made up my mind now.

The streets are clean.

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That music always reminded me of you.

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There are many flowers in the garden.


The less you know, the better.

Publication of this month's issue will probably be delayed one week.

I saw you and Edward earlier.

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I was embarrassed.

I don't know how to legally get around those regulations.

The contract was rather loose.

We've been living here since October.

Scott didn't know Kuldip had a husband.

President Lincoln wrote all five of these documents.

What kind of games do you create?


We elected Betsy captain of the team.


Why didn't you tell Casper about Pria?


Try to avoid making any more trouble.

Yesterday, Mickey told me he didn't know Shirley.

In the first section of this review I raise the question of how brain processes cause our conscious experiences.

Joon mentioned your name, too.

The captain gave the order to abandon the ship.

He feigned not to notice the two strangers.

Can you write that in hiragana please?

I can't believe Darci said yes.

Mahesh realized that he had made a mistake.

We both know Ira isn't happy here.

Wouldn't you agree, Deirdre?


Lisa put on so much weight that he had to get a bigger belt.


How will it all end?


Jock's anxious.

You are drunk!

Do you think Cole might come back?


Gerald was the first one here this morning.

What a horrible man!

Rupert was surprised that Glenn had a motorcycle.


I'll see them tonight.

No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to finish that in a day.

This is something Piet gave me years ago.

I was being eaten alive by mosquitos.

"Why does Urumqi have such cold weather?" "Naturally, because it's north of the Tian Shan."

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I'll tell you in a few days.

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They won't detect anything out of the ordinary.

Say hello to your sister for me.

He used to eat out every day, but now he can't afford it.

It will be to our mutual benefit to carry out the plan.

It was quite simple.

Let me tell you something you need to know.

That's not our job.

The new bishop was installed with much pomp and circumstance.

He amused the children with the story.

We were late as a result of the traffic jam.

Byron was released from prison three weeks before Miltos was murdered.

I will change their mind.

I spent all day yesterday with him.

I am alluding to Irfan.

Either you or I should visit her.

They granted his request.

They could not help being touched by the sight.

I pray for your success.

Rabbi, that man who was with you on the other side of the Jordan - the one you testified about - well, he is baptizing, and everyone is going to him.

That is not Sanand.

Maria, who has just been appointed as National Coordinator against violent extremism, participated in a demonstration, in which they ritually burned the Elbonian flag.


There was only one case of chicken pox at the school.

I bought a house in 2013.

I'm cured, anesthetized. I've already forgotten you, I am saying goodbye to your absence, I'm at peace.

What do you do when you're in Boston?

So why am I crying again?

It's true that a ghost appeared at my house.

It is windy today, isn't it?


Don't dare to talk to my girlfriend.

Elliot got out of the car on the passenger side.

I've got two kids in school.


Not everyone likes that book.

Ann is a quiet man.

He didn't get on well in his new job.

There was a limousine waiting for Lievaart outside the hotel.

It's Friday, and so we have to perform our prayers.

Sridharan did well considering his age.

Stephanie will probably be the one who comes.

My business has at last gotten on the right track.

"We need to help Kyrgyzstan," said Putin to Hu Jintao... in my dream.

The children threw snowballs at each other.

I want to believe there's still a chance for us to be happy together.


All the accepted notions and prejudices about flesh being pink.

Beckie is good at that.

I'm moving back to Boston after I graduate.

I will give you my red shoes if you will give him back to me.

Vickie is a better tennis player than me.

Stay with him.

I think you look tired.

The universe moves around your ass.

We washed them in salty water.

Let's go for a walk in the park.

I'll demonstrate how this machine works.

The noise disturbs me.

Spencer already thanked me.

Thomas is very safety conscious.

Do you remember what you told me before?

I think Thierry doesn't have any brothers.

An old pond. A frog jumps in. The sound of water.

I don't want to run into her.

She screamed with horror as someone took hold of her arm.

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Kazuhiro is sexually frustrated.

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Jose is expecting someone else to come soon.

When you yawn, cover your mouth with your hand.

Change can sometimes be difficult, but it can also open up new opportunities and be a means of personal growth and development.

A dash of vinegar is all the salad needs.

Roderick told me he didn't recognize Vince the last time he saw her.

The blood drained from Jos's face.

And just like that, Dima's childhood friend hung up, leaving Dima - as he was before - 99 kopeks short of his goal.

It looks very expensive.

It's time for action.

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Teri was very sensible.

White is a popular car color.

I'm very sexy.


We need to tell Les what happened.

Now, let's turn to work.

Julie bought Jeannie a beer.

Water is to fish what air is to man.

He will work one day and loaf the next day.

I don't think it's them.

Are you happy with your new bass guitar?

Some of the seams of the dress were held together only loosely by basting stitches, pending the final fitting.

Everything has returned to normal.

Major didn't have anyone to play with.

He went shopping at a department store.

Dad's always encouraging him.

Are you sure you don't want me to call Murph?